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Kate Berridge

As a Bariatric Nurse Specialist Kate was part of establishing the Bariatric Service currently provided at CMH Auckland New Zealand. After nine years in this role she left to complete her Masters Degree and begin developing a path toward greater awareness and comprehension of why obesity is not the choice it is assumed to be. 

She is passionate about ensuring that long term support is available for those who have undergone Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). Subsequently founding Beyond Obesity which aims to improve the lives of people living with obesity. This is provided through individual support, clinical care, education and consultancy to health care providers and attempting to be part of meaningful change in policy, marketing and systematic approaches to our current obesity syndemic. 
#ANZMOSS - ANZGOSA 2020 Virtual Conference
ANZMOSS – ANZGOSA 2020 Virtual Conference
#ANZMOSS - ANZGOSA 2020 Virtual Conference